Monday, December 30, 2002

After several weeks, it is now time to update. The college break so far has been very similar to my high school breaks. My life is very simple right now. Literally, here is my schedule on a normal day. 2- wake up; 2:30- eat lunch; 3:30- play ps2 or computer; 7- eat dinner; 8- watch tv or play computer; 3:30- go to bed. That's the only real update besides add/drop. I don't know. I was successful and pleased about 75% of the time, but it's the 25% that made it a bad experience. First the good stuff. I got every class I wanted except one, and I will have enough hours to be a junior in fall as long as I don't drop any hours during the semester (16 hours btw). Yeah! Now the unfortunate part. The one class I couldn't get was the one I needed the most. It's Jpn 507. If I don't take that course next semester, then it'll be a year by the time I register for it in fall 2003 since I studied any Japanese. That's alot of forgotten material baby. The other news is that my rm IMed me in the middle of and just rambled on how wicked of a person I am. Whenever I said something, he just accused me of trying to defend myself. His little detail nickpicking may be true and no doubt I have faults, but his conclusions are way over judged and exaggerated. What do you think?

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Yesterday was a big day. It started off really bad. The classics final was hard. Screw the A, possibly even a C is realistic. Next though was paati time. Yeah! First stop was Schlotzsky's. Yum. The one on the drag is nice. I felt like royalty for some reason. Good stuff. Next was shopping, more like going to each clothing store on the drag. I didn't get anything, but now I know what's there for next semester. Afterwards, a couple of high school buddies, Trey and Mike, came up from Houston. Them, Gary, George, and me hang out around campus. It was a little high school reunion. Trey is buff now. He plays football at Rice. At Kinsolving, while the 2Gs and me had one serving, Mike and Trey ate like pigs. Trey got at least five seconds. He actually liked that food. Wonder what they feed him at Rice. Next we visited Rob and Alex (more SHS alumni) at the Towers. For you non Longhorns, the Towers is the most luxorious place to live as a student. The rooms are spacious, but they're old and smelly. Decent but not worth $10g to me. I think I saw at least ten people from high school today, more than my entire time at UT.

We parted but my day was far from over. I went to J151 again. How convenient, a bunch of people were about to go to Din Ho, some Chinese restaurant. Since Kinsolving never fills you up, I glady accompanied them. The food there is great. We ordered around ten dishes and they were so good. Not the grub in Houston but close enough. I ate so well, but there was one problem, not enough portions. Half the clam shellls in that dish had no meat! Nevertheless, probably the best Asian food I had in Austin so far. There's more to this story, but I gotta pack since in one hour it'll be time for Htown. woohoo

Friday, December 13, 2002

It's time to study for classics. The last roadblock before a smooth relaxation of laziness and wastefulness for a month. Woohoo! It seems alot of people are staying home tonight to study for finals. Found an addicting website:. Have fun with it. As of writing, my record is 25. Gotta go study more so catch you later.
I read my previous posts, and they seem a bit cynical and meanspirited. I meant them to be satirically funny, but it didn't exactly turn out that way. My first college final is officially over. It wasn't too bad. Of course I said that about the past 3 tests and ended up with a low B. That's okay. All that's left is the Classics final. It shouldn't be as half bad as I'm assuming it'll be right now. The question is, should I overwork and overworry myself to pull off an A or just relax and study normally for the B. Of course I shouldn't chill out too much, since it's worth 40%. Decisions, decisions. I'm really excited of going home on Sunday (thanks Gene for the rido). Jaa, that's all for now.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Arrgghh! It's past 7AM, and I can't fall asleep. This is making me upset. I lay in bed and wasted about four hours trying to sleep. I have the Japanese final exam in twelve hours. konban demasendeshita. I also have a classics (ancient Rome) final Saturday morning at 9. In other words, I can't go out on Friday night (not that I do anyways); I should study. I thought of pulling an allnighter, but with today's insomnia, either it's impossible, or my biological clock is now set that way. I have a feeling I'm underestimating this Japanese exam. Most of my tomodachis (that's amigos to you Tex-Mexes out there) aren't concerned, so they peerpressured me into not worrying too much either. Of course they're these anime/Hiraku Utada/Toyota/sushi freaks who have high As (also me excluding the high a). You know who you are.

Speaking of which, only at UT are there exams all day Saturday (thank God I only have one, then it's homefree), only at UT is there a research paper due the day before Thanksgiving, only at UT is there school on Good Friday. Anything I missed anybody? Or am I just talking to myself?

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Thanks to jone1183 for letting me do this. It's sad we're unlikely to see each other again. Yes, this is me, I just removed one letter from my name. I don't know why. What should I say now? Too bad for you (me) because you'll (I'll) probably die reading this boring crap in an hour.

Speaking of boring, I saw the Japanese Ringu last Saturday night/Sunday morning. Therefore, I should die mysteriously a few days from now. Haha. Too bad I don't have a phone in my dorm room anymore. Oh crap! I'll be back in Houston/Spring/Klein this weekend. I don't even know what city I live in. I tell my friends Houston, The post office is in Spring, and the elementary school half block away says Klein. Life's a mystery. Anyways, while you non UT people cram studying for your finals then, I'll be dying (at least I don't have to worry about exams. lol)

I can't believe I haven't spoken to more than five people today. Yep. I'm still living an isolated protected life, that is, until Saturday night/Sunday morning when I die.